Get the Most Out of Your System

Get the Most Out of Your System!

  • Greater separation between your system and the environment, eliminating many unwanted sonic artifacts and enabling your system to perform at its optimal level.
  • Unique "Vertical Stability" design allows for greater stability with larger weight loads. This is different from other decoupling devices which become less stable as weight exposure increases.
  • Incredible mechanical stability.
  • Greater sonic detail through enhanced and expanded sound stage, tonal balance, and overall stability of frequencies.
  • Tighter bass response, cleaner mid-range, and more focused highs allowing for greater separation of instruments and voices within the sound-field.
  • An extremely easy and cost effective way to vastly improve any sound or video system.
  • Ceramic ball bearings.


...even more! Cold Ray Solutions:

Cold Ray is delighted to introduce exciting audio accessory — Spike Protector.

This product is designed for loudspeakers and audiophile stands on spikes and features unique characteristics including:

  1. 1. Large input area for easy installation
  2. 2. High aluminum mass surrounding the spike for better resonance control
  3. 3. High density silicone pad for complete separation from the floor no matter the weight
  4. 4. Silicone, not rubber, for better floor protection
  5. 5. Three colors: Black, Silver, Titanium
  6. 6. Three sizes for optimal use:
    33 mm - for small floorstanding speakers and speaker stands
    40 and 64 mm - for heavy speakers and High End racks & stands