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Cold Ray

We delighted to introduce to you an exciting resonance control product - Cold Ray. This product is designed to make significant improvements to the quality of sound produced by loudspeakers and electronic devices.

The idea behind Cold Ray is quite different from most other decoupling devices, because it is not in fact a decoupling device, but rather a resonator. Cold Ray consists of three separate parts: a base cone, a bearing ball, and a cover bell. The steel cover bell together with the bearing ball, serve as the resonators, greatly limiting the amount of resonance that can pass through Cold Ray.

The idea of creating such a device came to us when we were researching and developing decoupling mechanism. It became apparent that the focus needed to be not just on sound improvement in certain areas, but the impact on overall performance. With the assistance from the University of Aalborg, we created the Cold Ray design.

One of the most important elements of the Cold Ray design is mechanical stability. Decoupling devices prove to be rather unstable as their weight exposure increases. Cold Ray works in a different way, becoming increasing more stable when bearing a greater weight load. Vertical stability plays an essential role in the performance of this product.

Cold Ray is designed to work well with ceramic bearing ball. Ceramics is a material well known to prevent resonance significantly better than other materials.

Like all products, Cold Ray produces best results when used in the most efficient way. Here are some helpful hints.

When placing a Cold Ray piece underneath a cabinet, knock around the bottom of the cabinet to locate spots with greater mass concentration. For optimal results place the Cold Ray pieces under those spots. In most cases these spots are located under heat sinks and transformers. In CD players they are located under the transport. At times it may be necessary to use more then 3 or 4 Cold Ray devices. We found that for a Krell CD player for example, the use of 5 pieces produced best results. Eliminating resonance from the floor is incredibly important and Cold Ray works extremely well when placed under speakers. For better results place 3 or 4 Cold Ray pieces under each speaker.

The effect of Cold Ray is quickly evident. The result is a much better sounding system, with greater clarity, amplification, tonal balance, and bass control. When used along with Plasma CTVs and DVD Players a difference in picture quality can be detected, resulting in more natural color visibility and sharper contrast.